Rules and Bylaws Committee

The 2024 Bylaws and Rules Committee will be presenting proposals for consideration by the Convention.  You can find information on the committee, including videos of all its past meetings, meeting minutes, and its proposal on LPedia here:

Additionally, you can subscribe to a read-only email list which contain all discussions of the Committee which take place between meetings:

For any further questions, please contact the Committee Chair Caryn Ann Harlos here:

Bylaws and Convention
Rules Committee Members

Sylvia Arrowwood (LNC)

Paul Bracco (LNC)

Nick Ciesielski (LNC)

Caryn Ann Harlos (LNC)

Rob Latham (LNC)

Frank Martin (LNC)

Chuck Moulton (LNC)

Tom Rowlette (LNC)

Mike Rufo (LNC)

Mike Seebeck (LNC)

Alternates in Order of Rank: Rich Tomasso, David Roberson, Gregory Deal, Roger Roots, Data Logan, Dean Rodgers