Platform Committee

The 2024 Platform Committee will be presenting proposals for consideration by the Convention. You can find information on the committee, including videos of all its past meetings, meeting minutes, and its proposal on LPedia here:

Additionally, you can subscribe to a read-only email list which contain all discussions of the Committee which take place between meetings:

For any further questions, please contact the Committee Chair Michael Seebeck here:

Platform Committee Members

Gary Alvstad, (CA)
Jim Barbour, (OH)
Dave Benner, (LNC)
Bill Bergman, (IL)
Scotty Boman, (MI)
Russell Brooksbank, (LNC)
Matt Cholko, (VA)
Carrie Eiler, (LNC)
Luke Ensor, (PA)
David Johnson, (TX)
Rees Labree, (CO)
Erinn Leatherman, (NY)
Joshua McHoes, (AK)
Charles Melchin, (NV)
Marc Montoni, (LNC)
Mike Seebeck, (LNC)
Jeffrey Shull, (GA)
John Thompson, (FL)
Ben Weir, (NH)

Platform Committee Alternates

Andrew Chadderdon, (MI)
Carolyn “Care” Clift, (AK)
Justin Edwards, (GA)
Albert Veldhuyzen, (VA)
Jordan Marinovich, (CO)
Ken Mattes, (IL)
Shawn Osborne, (CA)
Michael R. Rebmann, (NY)
Nathan Romig, (PA)
Albert Veldhuyzen, (LNC)
Mattias Goodley, (CO)
Caryn Ann Harlos, (LNC)
Dean Rodgers, (VA)

Eliseo Gonzalez, (CO)