JoAnne Skousen – How to Pierce the Culture Using Film – 4:00




Storytelling has power. Friedrich Hayek rightly observed, “It is only at several removes that the picture which …[the historian] provides becomes general property; it is via the novel and the newspaper, the cinema and the political speeches, and ultimately the school and common talk, that the ordinary person acquires his conceptions of history.” If this is true, then we libertarians need to be more involved in claiming our share of the “general property” of history and molding it in a way that reframes the magic of markets and the sanctity of the individual making personal choices. In short: we need to be making movies, writing novels, and singing songs. We need to be telling our stories through the common medium of entertainment. And we need to be doing it excellently. The Anthem Libertarian Film Festival will be presenting 25 excellent films this year, all dedicated to themes of individuality, choice, accountability, self-reliance, and resistance to government authority. Come enjoy a preview and discussion of those films!